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Posted by Sowmya on June 26, 2008

My entry for Klash this week. There is a slight twist to the kahani this time….In addition to the other rules, we had to base the entry on some mythological event/character/etc…makes it interesting. So here goes…..

When his visitors left, he turned to his wife. “I have to do my duty.”
“The consequences can be terrible for you.”
“But they are right. Think of that young girl. It will make a world of difference.”
“I’ll come with you.”
Armed with his bow and arrows he began his journey accompanied by his cuckoo, parrot, the gentle breeze, the lovely season of spring and his ever-loving, dutiful wife.
Their presence made the atmosphere cheerful and him hopeful. He saw the girl arrive. This was his chance. One arrow should do the trick. His wife prayed. Just as Kamadeva fired his passion filled arrow at Lord Shiva, his third eye blazed open……..

There are numerous versions to the story I alluded to. Here is one such lovely site.

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Indiblogger Chennai Meet

Posted by Sowmya on June 16, 2008

Finally I am posting on the Indiblogger meet last weekend which even got me my 15 seconds of fame 🙂
Call it luck, call it destiny, I, coincidentally, registered on the site a mere 4 days before the event. Having registered for the meet, my site traffic shot up like 5 times (meaning, 5 people visited my page in 4 days vis-à-vis zilch in the past 3 months). It was a good omen; I had to attend the event. Being new to the city, I did’nt have an iota of clue as to how to get to the venue. Thanks to Lemonade, I managed to find the venue easily and be on time. I was ‘oh-so-hesitant’ to enter the hotel. I had fleeting thoughts of taking an auto and returning home. But site traffic and total abhorrence for bargaining with auto guys made me take the big step forward.
There were about 20 odd people when I entered and I tried to walk-in without being noticed. If you have seen me you will know that is totally impossible. I was spotted and greeted by some of the Indiblogger team and led to a seat near a couple of people. I sat, stared and smiled which is my usual ‘first 15 minutes’ persona. I got to know Shoonyata and Ashwini who were seated next to me. I spotted Pseudonym (one of the brave ones who visited and commented on my site) on the other side. There was a very relaxed atmosphere with people spotting the ones they knew and getting to know the faces of those in their comment section. The commencement was delayed by half hour to accommodate the latecomers. (That’s not fair! Why did the rest of us be on time?)
The intro was to be by Lemonade and when she walked up to face the rest of us I realized no chilled glass would be offered as welcome. The Indiblogger team intro was exactly what I had read in the previous blog meet reviews. Guys, don’t you think you should find a new story? And if that Old Monk story is true, do you have a vacancy?? Then began the one minute of fame when you get to introduce yourself and your blog. There was also this sweet guy from the Indiblogger team (am not too good with names L) who would display your site on the projector. Neat concept! I was elated to see that people came in random order and I could easily give this thing a miss. But as it moved on, I thought, what the heck! Lemme scare them good! So I gave a few lines, got the usual question as to the meaning of my blog title. The minute I returned to my seat I realized that the answer should have been –‘leave a comment on my blog’.
Then came the main agenda –food. I met this Poddi Ponnu Nithya who had a blog on, hold your breath, T Rajendran. That guy must be going over the moon. We chatted up, ate and got back to our seats. Then we had a session called Know your readers where comments were read from different blogs and we had to identify the one on ours and do a jig. I am still to find the comment that was attributed to my blog but I enjoyed doing the jig nevertheless. If you wanna see me doing that jig, ask him.
Then we had a play by the Rebelz Group, a funny take on bloggers intermingled with the recent T20 series. Was fun J Then came the session on Mobile Blogging by Pseudonym. I call myself tech-savvy but this I was completely unaware of. That was my learning for the day and I should be exploring this blogging option very soon. Then there was a session on Windows Live Write by Sandhya, a Microsoft Student representative. Quite interesting! And while all this was going on I realized that there was someone at home awaiting his dinner. I picked my memoir, a t-shirt and ran.
All in all it was a fun time. Thanks you guys at Indiblogger. Some more meets like this would be awesome. To end with your tagline –‘I blog therefore I am’

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Check this out…..

Posted by Sowmya on June 14, 2008

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Random Question 1

Posted by Sowmya on June 14, 2008

I am definetely goin to post a full length report on last week’s Chennai Indiblogger meet latest by tomorrow………..till then tell me sumthin –

Given a choice, should one do what makes one happy or what is the right thing to do?



Posted by Sowmya on June 13, 2008

This week’s entry to the Klash of the Konfessioners….the word is ‘clash’

“Not another grand-daughter”. His mother’s renewed chanting brought him back to the present….. this familiar agonizing wait when every second dragged on for a whole minute. He remembered his previous three visits…futile visits waiting for his son. “This time will be different”, he smiled. Finalizing a name for his son would kill those cruel hours. No! That’s what he did last time. Bad luck! He played with the blue stone ring…which was to bring him good luck. Or would his astrologer be proved right? Will he be the last son of his lineage? He prayed.
“What a beautiful girl!”, the panting nurse broke his reverie He slumped into his chair. Who has ever won the clash against destiny?

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