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The night before Christmas

Posted by Sowmya on December 26, 2008

My entry for Klash this week.

Swati was miserable. Everyone was having a wonderful Christmas. But she was always battling to match her income with he expenses. She thought of the beautiful things she could never have. “Christmas spirit is crap! A huge tree, cakes, expensive gifts is what a Christmas makes.”  But she had her family of four to support. It was frustrating.

Suddenly she spotted her niece looking pensive. “Whats wrong sweetheart?”

“Have I been a good girl? Will Santa give me five chocolates?”

“Of course. But why five? Not satisfied with three?”

“Then what will you and I have Aunty?”

Swati felt very small compared to her four year old niece. Rohini had taught her about Christmas spirit on the night before Christmas.

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Merry Christmas!!!

Posted by Sowmya on December 25, 2008

Hiya people! Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a Grand New Year. Hope 2009 is more peaceful, happy and joyous for us all 🙂

I know I have not been blogging for quite sometime. And the funny part is I have quite few topics to blog about. So unlike the rest of the world, I am going to make a resolution to finish blogging about all the topics listed here before the New Year begins………….
🙂 My trip to Malaysia
🙂 My moving to Mumbai
🙂 Mumbai & me -our love story continues
🙂 Change of perspectives
And anything else I can think of in this last week of the year 😕 Sounds good?
So hope to have a busy week ahead. Wish me luck and have a rocking 2009 😀

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Posted by Sowmya on December 15, 2008

My entry for Klash this week –

It is a universally unacknowledged fact that a single successful girl is always targeted. She stared in numb disbelief. Why? Why such humiliation for her time and again? Does her glamour quotient irk them or is it her stupendous financial accomplishments or maybe her never-say-die attitude?
This time she was more determined than ever. Every cell in her body was ready for whatever it takes. This would not diminish her buring desire for success. Shw would face the world with her chin up, ready for a new day and a new challenge. She will claim her righful position on top of this world. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting to you the Sleepless Beauty -Bombay

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