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Random Idea

Posted by Sowmya on November 1, 2009

I had this really GREAT idea few years ago and was very keen to implement it during my wedding. But since it happened in a jiffy there was little I could do about it. So this is for all you guys planning a wedding……..

I always thought and still do that most wedding gifts are a waste. Not literally but they are not what the couple wants or not as per their choice. This is true because most people just recycle gifts and not much thought goes into it. I won’t fully blame them either since in this day and age of consumerism there are few things that people need. Its just a matter of what they want.

So, in order to benefit both the gift giver and receiver I have this grand plan –

Around the time of your engagement, make your ‘dream portfolio’. Include all the shares and mutual funds you want and put it up on a website.  Let people buy you, as per your budget, the number of shares / fund units and block that on your website so that the others do not buy the same thing. Since there will be around 6 months between the engagement and wedding people can watch the particular scrip and buy it at a lower price which is beneficial for them. And I am sure that you would have put good blue chip companies in your ‘dream portfolio’ and so their price will definitely increase with time and you can encash them when you want to.

Sounds good? Maybe I will moot this idea for my bro’s wedding 🙂

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