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That time of the year again

Posted by Sowmya on December 25, 2011

So it is that time of the year again when we all start making resolutions for the new year and lists of the old year. We see the same lists rehashed year after year and even the items on the kist are mostly the same. I did not want to do that. So here I am making the to ten list of lists which you will see across the print and electronic media in the next one week –

1. Best and worst actors / actresses (can safely assume vidya balan to top this one)
2. Best and worst movies ( both Ra.One and Dirty picture will figure….don’t ask me on which lists)
3. Best songs ( kolaveri and sadaa haq)
4. Best start-ups (people r yet to come out of the myth that there are only tech start-ups in the country)
5. World changing events ( Osama, Syria, Jobs)
6. Technology / inventions
7. Best or worst restaurants
8. Most downloaded apps
9. Promising / budding personalities for the next year
10.Sports champions
11. Best Sachin Tendulkar performances

What other lists do you read???

Happy New Year 🙂 Cheers!!!

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Smart Kitchen

Posted by Sowmya on December 24, 2011

Can some kind hearted techie / engineer design a smart kitchen for me and all those other domestically challenged women out there….
My requirements are simple really. I need a touchpad at the entrance of my kitchen. This touchpad needs to be wired to the various containers in my shelves so that I know
1. what is available and how much quantity.
2. The touchpad also needs to tell me what are the various dishes I can make with the available items in the kitchen.
3. If I want to make a particular dish, it should tell me whether that is possible or not.
4. If I feed in the weekly menu, it should give me a two day notice of items to be bought.
5.It should have red blinking lights for items when they reduce below the required levels.
6.It should have a readymade shopping list for whenever I decide to go shopping.
7. It should check expiry dates on products and warn me in advance about it.
8. It should tell me that with the available ingredients how many people will the dish serve?
Any other smart feature is also most welcome. Actually an app which does the actual cooking would be perfect but I guess that is still few years away.
Someone get to work ASAP

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