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NaBloPoMo – Day 15

Posted by Sowmya:) on May 15, 2014

How often do you eat a meal from a restaurant? How do you decide when to cook or when to eat out?

It looks like my posts are getting repetitive. It can be either because all the questions are connected or that I, in my over-excitement, exceed the brief and give you all sorts of unnecessary information.
Like I mentioned in my previous posts, I eat out mostly because we have family and friends over and there are too many people to cook for. Or its a lazy Sunday morning and the husband and I look for ample variety with least effort. We probably eat out once in ten days or sometimes once a week. This eating out is usually take out and from our neighbouring Udipi style restaurant where the total bill for our breakfast has never exceeded hundred bucks despite everything that we order.
The actual fine dine type of dining out is rare. We don’t go more than once in four to six months. These outings are usually for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary. Or sometimes we go just for the heck of it because someone we trust and many online reviews talk extremely favorably about a particular restaurant.
Now all this food talk is making me hungry. Lemme go and munch something. Ciao!

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