Whenever inspiration strikes!!!

…a pinch of this & that


Hiya there…..I am, in simple words, a bundle of contradictions with logic as my watchword….you’ll find a li’l bit of me in everything i say or do around here which, I assure you, is a lot! i love the sense of freedom, humor, matching wits, the magic of discoverin sumthin new, my personal corner & imagination! Welcome to my land……& enjoy 🙂

5 Responses to “ME”

  1. Tomas said

    Coming to you was like taking a sip of fresh air to me. I see well looking site and no complaints or boasting. There are no teaching on how should I live but the hearty welcome your land. Thank you. You don’t talk about the love, but live the love. That’s the most desirable.

  2. S said

    Thank you for such lovely words….keep visiting 🙂

  3. Soum,

    Half of what u’ve said is completely over my head. I am a simple man with a limited vocab( in other words – intellectually retarded). Lol…

  4. S said

    Oh please… The name of my blog says it all. How can it possibly go over anyone’s head??

  5. You should have seen how it slid over MY HEAD :))))

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