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Clone Wars – WordPress Writing Prompts

Posted by Sowmya:) on April 29, 2014

If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

This is the writing prompt for April 25 but what the hell. Can’t I write about it today?

For starters, I don’t believe the topic should be clone wars. Wars? Come on, all of us would like a clone. There are so many million things to get done in this world that each of us would like a clone or two to get things done.

If I had a clone, my life would be a dream. I would be the controlling one and have the other clones under my thumb. My clone would do all the dull dreary work while I would all the fun work. My clone would do the regular, routine, repetitive jobs while I would do the creative, exciting, adventurous fun jobs.

Clone duties would include – house work (all of it) like washing, drying and folding clothes, routine cooking, dusting and keeping stuff in its place, changing diapers and keeping my daughter from breaking stuff or getting hurt.

I would have all the fun stuff – special cooking like pasta or baking bread, feeding and putting my daughter to sleep, playing with her, writing funny blogs, shopping, going out, etc.

This can work. Someone should do something about making this economically available for all.


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Thoughts on 2 States

Posted by Sowmya:) on April 20, 2014

My thoughts on 2 States
May contain spoilers… though according to me the entire movie is spoilt –

1. Arjun Kapoor’s handwriting is terrible, worse than a five year old.
2. He has just one expression throughout the movie and it is left to us to decipher his mood with reference to the context
3. I did not understand why Ronit Roy decided to have a change of heart just out of the blue for no reason at all. Or for that matter, why was he in a foul mood all the time?
4. It’s 2014 and it’s time we stop the cheesy proposal in the most inappropriate situation thing. Being proposed during your placement interview is good enough reason to reject the oaf.
5. Also, if you want us to believe that your main leads are IIM Ahmedabad students, you should give them better lines in the campus. You expect me to believe that an IIM-A student would answer “I want to work with Yes Bank because it is the best” and actually get the job? Puhlease!!
6. Also, how do they give transfers to Arjun Kapoor so easily and that too in just 6 months. Looks like they are the best after all.
7. Alia Bhatt is a fine actress or so I thought after Highway. But looks like Dharma Productions has some adverse effect on her. She looked like she would burst into a laugh at the most inappropriate times like when her boyfriend talks about his previous heart break and the tiffs with his father.
8. Will some IIM ppl tell me if you really have your names stuck at your desk and you need to sit in the same seat everyday? Like school? Really?!?!
9. A standard feature of most Hindi movies and it was repeated here. Alia looked like she was a northie adopted by a Tamil family. There was no Tamilness in her, especially when she says ” I am a Tamilian. Shud Brahmin”. My heart broke a little. It’s Tamizh, people. The best portrayal of a Tamilian was by Abhay Deol in Shangai. A subtle accent and small references to his Brahmin roots was captured so beautifully. All Alia knows is Amma, Appa, Ille.
10. Dear Chetan Bhagat and all other similarly misinformed people, please listen. It is 2014 and people in Chennai do know Hindi. Some update on Chennai is so needed in Bollywood. By the way, Chennai ppl always knew Hindi. They just did not accept it as the national language and refused to speak it.
11. The movie is riddled with tamil inaccuracies. We do give gifts and never go khali hath to meet people. TamBrams never get married in half saris. I did not expect Alia to wear a Madisar (9 yards) but half sari? Come on!
12. I am yet to understand the psychiatrist angle. I did read the book but it was used very poorly in the movie.
13. Why did Achint Kaur try to strangle Alia with the thali / mangalsutra in the last scene?
Poor thing.

Too many caricatures and stereo typing. I don’t know about the Punjabi side of things but it was in line with the usual Yash Raj and Dharma movies. So I assume it to be the same…

The movie was a lot better than I expected which also shows how low my expectations were.

What I really liked was the songs did not seem a drag for once. All of them took the story forward and did not look like a waste of time.

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Satisfaction of a list – WordPress Writing Prompt

Posted by Sowmya:) on April 16, 2014

Stuff I learnt from the movies

1. All teachers teach (a+b)^2 irrespective of which class they are teaching
2. If the hero’s father / mother/ friend dies in the movie, then the heroine will have a child of the same sex as that of the deceased to ensure that the child is given the same name.
3. All unwilling brides will try to run away or commit suicide on the day of the wedding….never before.
4. Bullets choose the extent of damage they do depending on who they hit. Heroes are never affected, hero’s brothers / friends are given time long enough for a farewell speech but villains die instantly
5. All court cases are won by the hero solely based on threatening / tricking the villain into confessing
6. All dejected and sacrificing heroes / heroines will have to leave the town for a new job on the exact same day as the wedding of their lost love.
7. Villains are smart and intelligent who come up with various ingenious ways to torment and trouble the hero or public at large whereas the hero’s answer to everything is to beat up the villain and his gang to pulp to solve all problems
8. If you are the best friend of the hero or heroine and you make the mistake of falling in love with their love interest, it will prove fatal for you. You have no choice but to take a stab or a bullet to save either of them and die in their arms after taking the heroine’s hand and giving it to the hero.
9. If the hero is poor, the hospital always demands an advance payment of the entire amount of surgery for his mother/father. If he is rich, he can pay later.
10. People who use ingenious ways to cheat the hero always make it a point to give him a dramatized explanation to help him get a clue or record the confession.
11. On breaking up with the hero, the heroines always go back to get married to the same guy who she dumped for the hero in the first place. Such guys never have qualms about getting back together with the heroine.

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Charitable – WordPress Writing Prompts

Posted by Sowmya:) on April 13, 2014

Today’s prompt goes something like this –
You’ve inherited $5 million, with instructions that you must give it all away — but you can choose any organizations you like to be the beneficiaries. Where does the money

Well, if I had that kind of money, I would most definitely give it all to causes relating to children. I have always thought and believed that kids get a raw deal most of the time. They pay the price for the bad decisions of older people and need to live with the consequences for no fault of theirs. One cause that is very dear to me is the treating / helping children with HIV or AIDS. I have been looking for a charitable organization which specializes in that but yet to find something worthwhile. This would be a cause I would want to donate time and money to. It’s close to my heart and something I would want to make some kind of contribution to.

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Decisions, decisions – WordPress writing prompts

Posted by Sowmya:) on April 13, 2014

A bit of a backlog already, but here goes today’s writing prompt- it’s about how I make decisions. Is it by carefully weighing in the pros and cons or more like a gut feel thing.

I have always believed that I probably belong to the minority which does not have a head versus heart conflict. I don’t know how. When I am faced with the need to make a decision, I always know what I want to do or what needs to be done. My head and heart collaborate and give me one decision. I know clearly when I follow my head and when my heart and I know why. I like to think I weigh all aspects of the consequences of my decisions and then take a call. But mostly it is done in an instant and maybe that is gut or my brain works that fast. Could be both. I read somewhere that a study was conducted and proved that though we think we take logical decisions after weighing in all aspects, in reality we take a decision and then think of ways to justify it. That could be true…..what else could be the reason for so many irrational decisions by seemingly smart people?

So there, my decisions are instant and surprisingly I have not regretted most of them. So I am going to go with it till everything is going well for me. So far so good…….

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