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Stuff I hate about Bangalore

Posted by Sowmya on April 29, 2014

1. Horrible traffic- Flouting traffic rules, driving on the opposite side, incessant honking, etc can drive even a Chennai auto driver insane…and that is something! I actually had a guy honking at me for not moving on the ramp of a mall parking at 11 pm. Does he really think that is my choice of hanging out? Obviously there is a car ahead and I can’t move. Why else would I be on the incline for 10 minutes?

2. One Ways – All roads are one-ways. To reach anywhere, you need to go in circles and circles…..and still you end up on the Exit side of the building instead of the Entry…and you start going in circles again! The worst thing is you pass by your desired location and there is no way you can take a u-turn and return. You need to go across the entire city to get back to square one.

3. Customer service – Here, it means the customer has to do the service. Shrugging, blank expressions, rolling eyes are all acceptable form of customer service…..especially if done in slow motion. I routinely fill my bags with the billed stuff at super markets because I lose patience with the snail pace of the guy at the billing counter. I order two hours in advance to get stuff at my desired time. Worst is if I can’t find something on the aisle and need to ask one of the retail store executive…..total nightmare!

4. IT – You just have to be working with an IT company if you stay here. Else you are a second class citizen. Landlords don’t like to rent out. They do rent out but eye you very suspiciously. Neighbours don’t know what to talk to you. And you need to have a lengthy explanation always as to why you are not in IT and still live in Bangalore

5. Airport – They make it so hard to escape this city. Cos the airport is near Chennai or maybe Hyderabad rather than Bangalore. Just takes forever to get there. And I have at times, paid more for the cab to the airport than for a flight ticket to Mumbai.

And I have justified each one of these with these little words “just look at the weather”.
And NOW….what’s left really?

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Thoughts on 2 States

Posted by Sowmya on April 20, 2014

My thoughts on 2 States
May contain spoilers… though according to me the entire movie is spoilt –

1. Arjun Kapoor’s handwriting is terrible, worse than a five year old.
2. He has just one expression throughout the movie and it is left to us to decipher his mood with reference to the context
3. I did not understand why Ronit Roy decided to have a change of heart just out of the blue for no reason at all. Or for that matter, why was he in a foul mood all the time?
4. It’s 2014 and it’s time we stop the cheesy proposal in the most inappropriate situation thing. Being proposed during your placement interview is good enough reason to reject the oaf.
5. Also, if you want us to believe that your main leads are IIM Ahmedabad students, you should give them better lines in the campus. You expect me to believe that an IIM-A student would answer “I want to work with Yes Bank because it is the best” and actually get the job? Puhlease!!
6. Also, how do they give transfers to Arjun Kapoor so easily and that too in just 6 months. Looks like they are the best after all.
7. Alia Bhatt is a fine actress or so I thought after Highway. But looks like Dharma Productions has some adverse effect on her. She looked like she would burst into a laugh at the most inappropriate times like when her boyfriend talks about his previous heart break and the tiffs with his father.
8. Will some IIM ppl tell me if you really have your names stuck at your desk and you need to sit in the same seat everyday? Like school? Really?!?!
9. A standard feature of most Hindi movies and it was repeated here. Alia looked like she was a northie adopted by a Tamil family. There was no Tamilness in her, especially when she says ” I am a Tamilian. Shud Brahmin”. My heart broke a little. It’s Tamizh, people. The best portrayal of a Tamilian was by Abhay Deol in Shangai. A subtle accent and small references to his Brahmin roots was captured so beautifully. All Alia knows is Amma, Appa, Ille.
10. Dear Chetan Bhagat and all other similarly misinformed people, please listen. It is 2014 and people in Chennai do know Hindi. Some update on Chennai is so needed in Bollywood. By the way, Chennai ppl always knew Hindi. They just did not accept it as the national language and refused to speak it.
11. The movie is riddled with tamil inaccuracies. We do give gifts and never go khali hath to meet people. TamBrams never get married in half saris. I did not expect Alia to wear a Madisar (9 yards) but half sari? Come on!
12. I am yet to understand the psychiatrist angle. I did read the book but it was used very poorly in the movie.
13. Why did Achint Kaur try to strangle Alia with the thali / mangalsutra in the last scene?
Poor thing.

Too many caricatures and stereo typing. I don’t know about the Punjabi side of things but it was in line with the usual Yash Raj and Dharma movies. So I assume it to be the same…

The movie was a lot better than I expected which also shows how low my expectations were.

What I really liked was the songs did not seem a drag for once. All of them took the story forward and did not look like a waste of time.

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Hot Kapi with me :)

Posted by Sowmya on January 19, 2011

Very late in life I discovered the magic of coffee especially South Indian filter coffee. I have raved about it all my life primarily because I did not want to be viewed as ignorant and outcast by the rest of my clan. But lately I find myself yearning for the perfect cuppa coffee…early in the morning…middle of the day…when I am frustrated with my clients…..when I pick a good book….after dinner…you get the drift.

This also means that I have been asking for filter coffee wherever I go and here are some of the places where I found amazing coffees –

Hot Chips -If you like it strong, this is the place to have the filter coffee. One small cup can keep you up for hours. I tried it at Ampa Skywalk but I guess all of their outlets should have similar connotation.

Kalmanee Coffee -This is again in Ampa Skywalk. It has a nice variety of coffees and tea in various flavours. Must try!

Anise -Yeah, I know you think I am nuts to be going to Taj Coramendal for a cuppa coffee but let me assure you that I don’t regret it one bit and the fact that I did not pay for it is irrelevant to this post. I was frankly skeptical because the coffee at Taj Mumbai had left a bad taste in my mouth. Every time I had a coffee there I was sure it was just hot water. But Anise serves one of the best South Indian filter coffees I have ever tasted. Simply marvelous. It is the perfect taste -not too strong not too mild just perfect with an awesome aroma. I would insist you go there just to have the coffee. It is heavenly 🙂

Vasantha Bhavan – at Anna Nagar has a good coffee but I could never enjoy it because I never liked the ambiance there. It did not let me lose myself in the coffee and forget the world outside. If you have no such requirements you should try the coffee there.

As for the teas –

Parfait 3  keeps a wonderful array of organic teas and other coffees like cappucino, etc. I love their ginger tea. Do have a look.

Amethyst – Just loved the masala chai there though I do wish they served it as chai instead of milk and tea separately but nevertheless it is a perfect foil for a late breakfast or good with a snack too.

And I have to mention here that my favorite coffee still remains the one my mom has ready the minute I enter. Yeah, it is cliche and all that but that does not make it untrue. My mom is always the best 🙂

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Goa and back -in 15 minutes

Posted by Sowmya on January 27, 2010

I really really need a vacation. Like, right now! I have soooooo much work at office to do and so many things to take care of at home that I am completely overwhelmed. I need a break.

And the worst thing that can happen to you at such times is that people around you go for a holiday. I so detest such people even when one such is my own sibling. Of the random few GTalks I have had over the past week, all I hear is of people’s vacations. My cousin went to Bali, my brother to Goa and some friend to Andaman and another to Kulu Manali. One friend even went on work to Shimla. Can you beat that? Why? Why does everyone go on a vacation and not me?

So that is why I came up with this ‘practical solution.’ Currently due to various reasons I cannot take a vacation but nothing ever stops me from imagining one. So here I am, sitting in my office with a pile of work on either side and dreaming about my vacation.  Firstly I will have to settle on a place to go to. Actually I would love to go to Pondicherry and have a French breakfast but it is tough to imagine anything else about that vacation since I have never been there before and I am not in a googling mood right now. So for easy dreaming purposes, I am vacationing in Goa.

Goa –the place that God created for the times he got world weary; a place where you can truly know what ‘taking it easy’ means; a place where you are left to yourself and not bothered about; a place which is in no hurry to get somewhere and is not bothered if it does not get anywhere. I have always visited Goa during the off-season and have liked the solitude. December in Goa, I heard is fun but way too crowded and that is totally not my scene for an ideal relaxing vacation.

I would wake up to the sea in the morning and feel the breeze play with my hair. I would take loooooong walks on the shore and sort out my life in my head. I would pick pretty sea shells and put them in my pocket. And I would do all of this at nine in the morning. Then I would go for a leisurely and sumptuous breakfast with a variety to kill for. Some juice, parathas, omelets, scrambled eggs, fruits, toast, rolls and then to finish off, some more juice. Few things cheer me up like a good breakfast does. My ideal vacation is always brunch hopeful. Then I would wander about in the resort or outside it depending on my mood. Well, the first day would be at the resort. I would take fun pictures of Sri and me, explore the surrounding areas, curl up at the poolside with a book, have long meaningless chats with Sri, an afternoon siesta and some television would complete my first day. The second day, I will take hubby dearest around the city / state of Goa since he has not yet been there (shudder!) I’ll cover the famous beaches of Aquada (and the fort too), Colva, Benaulim( not famous but a favorite), St. Francais Church and the Mangesh Temple. I’ll also drag him to a cruise on the Mandovi River and some kaju shopping at Panjim. I’ll also tick off Dona Paula on our tourism checklist.  He could taste some local cuisine and sample the famous fenny (Coconut for me!).  I would also take him on whatever water sports we find including scuba diving, para sailing and water skiing. All of this could happen over two days which would make us very tired. Therefore on our final day in Goa, Sri and I would go for a relaxing, therapeutic massage followed by a lazy afternoon. Our vacation would be full of fun, laughter and happiness. We will kid around, make faces and enjoy poking fun at anything and anyone. We will talk to all of my heart’s content and come back with a blissful smile on our faces.

That is all I ask for.

I was wrong. I thought dreaming up this vacation would make me feel better but it only makes me want to go all the more desperately. To add to it, I have just received word that I would be working this Saturday too. Boo Hoo!

Ticket sponsors please drop a line. I will be eternally grateful and maybe name my car after you.


Navratri 2009

Posted by Sowmya on September 26, 2009

After all those words of wisdom, its time to put them into deeds and show you my golu for this year. Due to various reasons, (irrelevant to the world at large), this time we settled for a very small simple golu and most people did not tire reminding us of that fact. Anyways, here it is. Look and judge for yourself –

We set up our golu all over the house. Starting with the entrance and the shoe rack (which are the first 2 pics) to the regular show case, crockery shelves and between our seating arangements also including lamps which add to the entire visual ambience (next 4 pics) and finally a small 3 padi golu which are in the last 3 snaps.

I love it don’t you?

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