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Hot Kapi with me :)

Posted by Sowmya:) on January 19, 2011

Very late in life I discovered the magic of coffee especially South Indian filter coffee. I have raved about it all my life primarily because I did not want to be viewed as ignorant and outcast by the rest of my clan. But lately I find myself yearning for the perfect cuppa coffee…early in the morning…middle of the day…when I am frustrated with my clients…..when I pick a good book….after dinner…you get the drift.

This also means that I have been asking for filter coffee wherever I go and here are some of the places where I found amazing coffees –

Hot Chips -If you like it strong, this is the place to have the filter coffee. One small cup can keep you up for hours. I tried it at Ampa Skywalk but I guess all of their outlets should have similar connotation.

Kalmanee Coffee -This is again in Ampa Skywalk. It has a nice variety of coffees and tea in various flavours. Must try!

Anise -Yeah, I know you think I am nuts to be going to Taj Coramendal for a cuppa coffee but let me assure you that I don’t regret it one bit and the fact that I did not pay for it is irrelevant to this post. I was frankly skeptical because the coffee at Taj Mumbai had left a bad taste in my mouth. Every time I had a coffee there I was sure it was just hot water. But Anise serves one of the best South Indian filter coffees I have ever tasted. Simply marvelous. It is the perfect taste -not too strong not too mild just perfect with an awesome aroma. I would insist you go there just to have the coffee. It is heavenly 🙂

Vasantha Bhavan – at Anna Nagar has a good coffee but I could never enjoy it because I never liked the ambiance there. It did not let me lose myself in the coffee and forget the world outside. If you have no such requirements you should try the coffee there.

As for the teas –

Parfait 3  keeps a wonderful array of organic teas and other coffees like cappucino, etc. I love their ginger tea. Do have a look.

Amethyst – Just loved the masala chai there though I do wish they served it as chai instead of milk and tea separately but nevertheless it is a perfect foil for a late breakfast or good with a snack too.

And I have to mention here that my favorite coffee still remains the one my mom has ready the minute I enter. Yeah, it is cliche and all that but that does not make it untrue. My mom is always the best 🙂


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