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Posted by Sowmya:) on August 7, 2009

Well, an explanation is due. To all three of you who read this blogJ. Why did I change the name of this place? You won’t believe it but my stat counter stands testimony to the fact that so many people have peeked into my land. But what it does not tell you is that most of them, a rather large number of people, have actually come searching for the term ‘idiot land’. Seriously!

Why? If it is any of you who don’t remember my blog name and google it everytime –well then that’s so sweet of you! But if not, well…….that’s weird if so many people are looking for idiot lands. One person was looking for ‘a rare breed of idiot’. Whatever that means!!!

Another or the actual reason is –When I started this page I had visions of me writing really humorous stuff and being the funniest person in the blogsphere. As we can all see that is not really going very well. Actually some people even beleve this to be self-depreciatory. How exactly I don’t know. But I thought about it all and suddenly inspiration struck. So I shall say I write whenever inspiration strikes. That sounds so writer-types, like I have had my works published fifteen times this year but all I do is write whenever inspiration strikes. Just like that! Ha! It has a nice ring to it and so it shall stay. However unoriginal that is. Don’t you think this title across my theme is looking rather striking!!!

Welcome to the land of inspiration. Gosh! What a ‘land’lord I am turning into 😉


And my stat counter has actually hit 1000. Yohooo!!! I would like to thank { insert Filfmfare Award winner speech with my characteristic dose of humor of course ;)}



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