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No smoke without fine

Posted by Sowmya:) on October 6, 2008

Posting after ages……no excuses except lack of ideas. i know that never detered me earlier but still………

Anyways, I, for one, am thrilled about this whole ‘no smoking in public places’ rule. I hate passive smoking and feel quite bugged by the fact that there was nothing much I could do, except move away, if some random stranger decides to have a puff. Mr. Ramdoss you have my vote for this one. Though, like many others, I am not too sure as to how seriously the rule would be implemented and followed but a first step in this direction is whole-heartedly welcome.  I was also quite enthusiastic about the ‘no smoking in movies’ rule. Agreed the gangster looked lot cooler with a ciggie and that it gave a whole new dimension to the much anticipated hero’s entry. Why, the ciggie companies must definetely owe a significant part of their sales to this one man and his antics with the tobacco tube.

I remember how people protested and detested such a ban. Creativity, freedom of expression and what not. But guys, do you realise how popular these actors are in the country? Is it not evidenced by the number of endorsements they get? If so, wont their antics on screen also impact people accordingly. I know, you will protest saying that smoking is a personal choice and each smoker has chosen to do so. Agreed, but are these actors not passively influencing people through their screen roles? You and I, being educated and old enough, may be able to make a distinction between an actor and the character he potrays. But how do you expect the same of young, impressionable adolescents who are not so educated and are totally enamoured by these stars?? who grow up thinking they too would turn into a matinee idol one day? And smoking is the first of many habits they pick up. Most of the time, the habit is defended by smokers as a route to ‘fit-in’ or ‘be cool’ or ‘rebel’. These are probably the more common ‘reasons’ why people start smoking, often during their adolescent years. Maybe, Mr. Ramdoss is jsutified after all, what say?

I am not so foolish to say that this one stroke is going to result in a non-smoking gen-next. But it is one incentive less, one step ahead. The topic is so old but I have been wanting to say this for a long while and I did not have a blog back then. So there………… I have been keenly looking out for smokers in public places with my phone in hand to click and give them their 15 minutes of fame on my blog. I, happily, report that I have been unsuccessful so far. Chennai seems to be following this rule pretty seriously. Yipeeeeeee 🙂


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Check this out…..

Posted by Sowmya:) on June 14, 2008

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