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Morning conversations …..

Posted by Sowmya on October 19, 2011


Conversation 1


Me (beaming):  See what I got you

Hubby : I am impressed

Me (in a regular foot in the mouth situation) : It was a ‘Buy 1 get 1 free’ offer!!!

(In my defense I said it to impress my ‘thrifty’ mindset on him)

Hubby: Oh! So this is the free one?

Me: No…the other one is free

Hubby: So what is the other one?

Me:  ‘Best Friend’

Hubby: So am I not your best friend?

Me: Well….hmm…..you see….

Hubby(now angry): I am waiting for an answer

Me: Let me get you coffee….



Conversation 2


Me(so excited):  This is what I bought in US

Hubby: Why are you so excited?

Me: Yaar! This is the probably the only proper useful thing I did in life

Hubby: California??

Me (Grrrr): CA may be California for USA but for me it is Chartered Accountant. I am a CA

Hubby: Ok, so you marrying me was not proper or useful?

Me: (OMG, now what do I do?????): You see, our marriage is not something I did. It is a boon that was granted to me by the Almighty and for which I am forever grateful (Phew!)

Hubby: You should be a politician

Door slams

And that, folks, is Wednesday………..


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Flip Flop Dish Dash

Posted by Sowmya on November 3, 2008

I had a fun Diwali week in Mumbai! Detailed post sometime soon. As part of my Diwali week celebrations, I caught up with one of my ‘couple friends’ over lunch.  H ( guy buddy) & P (gal pal) have been with me in and since college where they met and fell in love. Subsequently they married and are proud of their little bundle P2.

We met after ages (read months) and the following conversation happened –

H –So how is married life? Adjusting well, I hope.

Me – Yeah sure!

H –I know your ‘fondness’ for cooking and all things domestic. *snigger snigger*. So how do you manage?

Me –Well, Sri usually wakes me up with the morning tea

P –(rushes into the room from the kitchen with the raita dripping ladle) SEE

Me –Then I make breakfast, lunch and dinner


Me -Simple stuff really! Nothing fancy during the week


Me –All supposedly fancy stuff happens over the weekend


Me – Sri does give me a hand most of the time


H – So, what exactly do you make?

Me –Well, idli or dosa for breakfast


Me – Rice, sambhar / rasam


Me –and 2 vegetables


By now I was thoroughly enjoying this

Me –All before leaving for work

H – (falls from the chair) SEE! I have to eat lunch at the office canteen

Me –Well, Sri does that too. He finds carrying lunch from home too cumbersome

H – Still! At least it’s all ready in the morning. He has an option of taking lunch from home. Unike me.

P –You eat too much veggies. What I made for my entire family previously, I have to make it for you alone. It takes ages to cut all those vegetables

Me –Oh! The maid cuts the veggies for me

P – SEE! So how much does the maid take?

Me – Rs. XYZ

H & P – What????

Me –Yeah! She brooms, swabs, hangs out clothes to dry, washes dishes and cuts those above mentioned veggies

H & P – (not convinced)

Me –She comes twice a day

H & P –SEE

Don’t know towards whom that one was intended! All in all an enjoyable conversation!

Disclaimer alert!

Hey H & P, I am sure you guys don’t mind me blogging about this. Actually, there is not much to worry considering you guys don’t know I blog. Nevertheless

Sri, you know my typing exaggerates my cooking and all things domestic..

Just realized this is my 50th post. Never thought I would last this long. Yipeeeee 😀

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Posted by Sowmya on August 28, 2008

Happened to overhear this totally wierdo conversation between 2 ladies at a restuarant as I sat waiting for Sri. The entire conversation happened in Tamil. But we have a national / international audience  😉  hence the translation. Those of you who know Tamil can replay the conversation in your head in Tamil. Its so much more funnier….

Note -This was a couple of days after Friendship Day

Lady 1 -So how is your daughter doing?

Lady 2 -Oh my God! You dont know what happened last week.

Lady 1 -(all excited at the familiar scent of gossip) What? What?

Lady 2 -My daughter wanted to buy friendship bands. Imagine! What has the world come to?

Now I was also oh-so-curious as to how friendship bands could endanger human civilization. I shifted my chair closer and listened. Dont roll your eyes. Sri was late and I was bored. Calls to 3 friends proved futile. They were all busy. This was all the entertainment I could have. So I LISTENED

Lady 1 -What? Really? (She was half confused, half outraged though not knowing why so)

Lady 2 -Yeah! She said she wanted friendship bands for some of her girl friends who would have some for her.

Lady 1 -Oh ok. (crestfallen that the scent did not lead anywhere) So what?

Lady 2 – What are you saying? First she will want to tie friendship bands to girls. Then there will be boys who want to be friends. Then she will have boy friends (flash of the obvious huh?). Then she will fall in love and run away with one of them.

Lady 1 – (earnestly, now completed coverted) Right Right. Well said. We should not allow our daughters to fall for these kind of modern things. Good that you told me. I will also check on my daughter.

Lady 2 -I told her clearly if she is so interested in friendship bands, she can tie all of them on my wrist. I will be your friend is what I told my daughter. (You should have seen that proud mother look on her face). No way will I allow ‘all those kind of things’. I have this huge responsibility and will do full justice to it.

God help those poor little souls who, from what I understood, are all of 10. And here her mom is already imagining her running away and getting married. Gosh!!! Trust your little girl. Thats how you get to be her friend. Not by forceably gettin some f*****g friendship band on your wrist. Grow Up!

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