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Posted by Sowmya:) on August 15, 2011

My entry for the August Klash –


“I so need a break –A break from it all.

When will I have a vacation? I want a day when I don’t have to do any work, when someone pampers me and takes all the decisions for me. Everyone I know tells me their troubles. They all look up to me to solve their problems and make their life easier. Few invite me during good times to partake their success and triumphs but most blame me for their trials and disappointments. Why do people depend on me? Why don’t I have a destiny, a pre-determined course of action chartered out by someone else? Why don’t I have someone to pass the baton to?”

After his forty winks, the Almighty resumed taking care of the world again!


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Smiley me :)

Posted by Sowmya:) on August 26, 2008

thought of putting up a list of stuff which makes me go 🙂 or 😀 . Then I can read it when I am feeling blue and feel bright and chirpy again. What an idea sir 😉

So here goes the list of things which make me happy, gimme that goody goody feeling, generally put a smile on my face…..

🙂 a compliment 🙂 a comment on my blog ahem ahem 🙂 when  I come up with a super / good/ fabulous idea & people go wow! 🙂 when one of my fav numbers comes up on radio 🙂 when I hear a hindi song on Chennai FM 🙂  when I watch a movie and can identify some quaint corner of Mumbai there 🙂 when there is a Mumbai news report on TV…there is no such thing as bad press 🙂 when Mom surprises me with my fav dish just for me 🙂 when I eat chocolate 🙂 when I talk to my buddies 🙂 when a friend calls out of the blue 🙂 seeing people I know where I least expect them 🙂 when I wear a new dress / accessories / shoes 🙂 when I buy a bag …thats like a 😀 whoa! 🙂

when I complete a report / project 🙂 when boss has no ‘suggestions for improvement’ in my report 🙂 when I can remember a section number of a law / accounting standard provision 🙂 when I download an e-book 🙂 when the sensex goes up and upppppppppp 🙂 when Sri messages within half hour of leaving for work 🙂 Waking up to Sri’s morning chai 🙂 any gift / treat / free stuff…yipeeee 🙂 festivals 🙂 fridays…its little wierd but I am happier on Friday anticipating the weekend rather than on the weekend itself 🙂 when I finish a good day’s work 🙂 when my bro calls…..very rare and unexpected but fantastic 🙂 when someone remembers small little stuff like first time / venue/ etc we met or associate certain stuff with just me 🙂 when I help someone with anything / act of kindness 🙂 overnite with J 🙂 Movies with J & Sd (clooooose buds) 🙂 Barista with N

 🙂 when a smart guy thinks I am smart (total high) 🙂 when I watch a movie 🙂 when I blog 🙂 when I upload pics and put quirky/smart/funny specially pun captions for them 🙂 when I am at home on weekends and it rains and I can curl up with a book 🙂 when i read and lose myself in the fictional world 🙂 when some ancient programs are rerun and I can vividly remember my first memories with it…..like ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S. & my bro 🙂 When I rarely watch intelligent / informative TV and feel so very knowledgable after tht half hour 🙂 when I know the answer to a quiz show which no one else does 🙂  when everyone laughs at my jokes 🙂 when someone thinks I have a great sense of humor

🙂 when I meet my family and friends 🙂 when I go & breath Mumbai 🙂

This post is obviously gonna be continuously updated…..keep watching this space

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My dream mornin cuppa

Posted by Sowmya:) on May 8, 2008

Dunno why but reading the newspaper with a blissful cup of coffee has always been an unattained dream. have an amazing picture in my head ……sitting in the balcony of my apartment on anywhere between the 15-25th floor. with a huge cup of steaming hot coffee…a gentle breeze…the crisp news of the morning paper….some musical notes in the background…me sitting against the wall…in comfy cottons….the breeze gently playin with my hair (in the opposit direction of my face, of course!)…no care in the world…no regard for the ppt which just has to be mailed to the client today….no calls from pesky colleagues and inquisitive friends (I love u all but not more than my dream mornin cuppa:)…no doorbells from maidservants, dhobhis and kachdawalas. just half hour of the day….atleast on weekends…ok, maximum of once a week? alas, that is never to be so!
Unbelievable but true…mom has an auto sensor-cum-alarm which goes off the minute i touch the newspaper. ‘Come and help me clean the veggies’ or ‘check who is at the door. if it is Mr.A then…Mr. B then… Mr.C ……’ AAAAAAAAAAAAAARgh! Not fair…..cant i relish my brew in peace?
Thought i would have better luck when I got married. Ha! who was i kidding? The first month was good….hubby dearest made some damn good masala chai everyday mornin…i was out of my job….made the mega modification in my dream and changed the preferred brew from coffee to tea. But i had to drink it in 10 mins, make lunch and breakfast before he left for work. Hmmm
Worse i was up north (of India, of course) during its peak winter. So if went anywhere near the balcony the wind would play with my teeth and not my hair. Plan B was to try and drink my potion after packing off the husband to work. So it would be just me, my chai and the newspaper (not as crisp, due to the winter me thinks!) but then how could i forget? Momma dearest calls -‘what are u doing? have u finished cooking? what did u cook?’ and so on….Her sensors r powered to disregard the 1400 odd kms between Delhi and Mumbai……Maa tujhe Salaam!
Then i moved to Chennai……..and my dreams came down with a crash from my 15th floor. Oh come on! Skyscraper in Chennai??? Still searching for one………any info is most welcome:D

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Now thts me :)

Posted by Sowmya:) on March 27, 2008

OK…now thts me in a nutshell! Cos i believe ‘wot we like determines who we r’
I love –
Books 🙂 a biblomaniac to the core……fiction, non-fiction, pulp fiction, autobiographies, history, philosophy, finance, business, marketing, u name it..i read it!!! My childhood dream was to be a librarian….thot i could just read the whole day and be paid for it!!!
Movies 🙂 Actually its pretty much like the book story…i watch all movies…hindi, english, tamil and any other language with subtitiles …comedy, romance, horror, thriller…u gettin the drift rite???? welll….a secret desire is to direct a movie…maybe someday when i retire…………….
Dilbert 🙂 He’s my icon for humor…I can swear anywhere Scot Adams is the funniest guy in the world. So Mr.Dilly here represents my undying love and admiration for SA as also to stress on my humorous side. tickle! tickle!
Diamond 🙂 More particularly a solitaire 😀 well thts 1 cliche i fell for….girl’s friend et al….come stay with me pal!
Dance 🙂 Tough one to explain but the easiest to experience……made me go over the moon everytime. Need to get back to it asap (Must Must Must!)
Temple 🙂 Particularly Mr.Balaji’s Tirupati. Can’t get over tht absolute feeling of awe for those nanosecs i get to see him. Comin again vry soon!!!
India 🙂 Havin studied in Swami Vivekanand School (One popular line from him -ask not what ur country can do for u..ask what u can do for your country!) I am still figurin out what to do for
Mera Bharat Mahan. Well…not leavin to settle abroad for starters !
Bungee 🙂 This signifies my luv for adventure and freedom…..I am told its an exhilarating experience. Its on the top of my ‘to do before i die’ list.
Music 🙂 Tried singing…..dont hv much of ‘the feel for music’ though. But a good number can get me on my toes or serenade or be a comforting lullaby……We need them all sometimes
Pizza 🙂 Its high calorie, I am over weight, its forbidden………..Bingo! Man always goes for the forbidden fruit now, does’nt he??
Sudoku 🙂 Not intelligent enuf for crosswords but logic is so my forte! Also helps in buildin the ‘number cruncher’ image!
Paragliding 🙂 Well…..freedom, adventure…have’nt we heard it all. With all the stress in life rite now I could jump off the 8th floor of my office now!
Salsa 🙂 Oh so graceful and so romantic…..hv to get hubby dear to agree to this!
Religion 🙂 Its important, part of my identity tht i do not wish to shake off. (mental note -remember ur promise to learn more on this front)
Roses 🙂 Red roses….the ultimate picture of beauty!
Cash 🙂 Oh yeah…I am materialistic and all. Lets face it….its money tht makes the world go round.
Violin 🙂 The most melodious instrument in the world….always wanted to marry someone who plays the violin…….ahem ! ahem! is someone listenin??
Chocolates 🙂 Signify happy moments, celebrations, joy, good news, the like……life is delicious!!!!
Ice-creams 🙂 Hv some crazy connection in my head between ice-creams and rains….always dash out for a scoop when it begins to pour….thts been a start to many adventures 😉
So long then………………..

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Mumbai -so very Amchi Mumbai

Posted by Sowmya:) on March 12, 2008

I love U Mumbai! Gosh i do!!!!! 🙂

U have been my home for almost 3 decades now…having seen me as a toddler, having schooled me, witnessed my adolesent crushes, given me my first job, shaped my outlook, instilled in me the confidence to face the world chin up and soothed me when I felt blue 🙂 The last bit surprises ppl but U gave me the anonimity which was deeply soothing. I felt secure in your huge crowds where no one stared at me or asked unneccessary questions. I loved your huge crowds which came pouring out like your signature rainfall to help in a catastrophe. Mumbai, U gave me the option of being alone when i needed to and people when i wanted them.
I miss u Mumbai dearest! Chennai is nice but its not u:( The freedom, the space, the secured feeling, the roadside chaats and tapri ki chai, the heated debates with random strangers on an India-Pak match, the downpour, the crazy but organized traffic, trains bursting on its seams but nonstop nevertheless, the friendly cabbies and considerate conductors, CCD and Baristas (I know they exist all over the country but sumthing is missin there!), the Udipi restuarants and Gujarati thalis (This is almost non-existent in Chennai), Tuesday queues at Siddhi Vinayak and the Dalal Street buzz!
Oh my….I can just go on but i need to get going….to bargain with the auto guy in Chennai(tht shud be a whole new post)….seeya !!
Luv u Mumbai…..u ROCK 😀

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