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There is no such thing as too many bags!

Posted by Sowmya on November 25, 2010

For the last and final time let me tell all the men in the world and especially in my office that there is no such thing as too many bags per woman.

To elucidate –

Bags have various categories and sub categories. They have to be divided by

These are the minimum number of classifications. Each category needs to meet all the criteria of the other categories too. eg. We would need a big formal, medium formal and small formal, formal with churidars, formal with sarees and formal with trousers. My bag-drobe would read something like this –

I am sure you have many questions if you have observed my matrix carefully. If you don’t have questions I am sure you only admired the color of my matrix and did not read it. Because if you did you would have questions like what do I mean when I say formal bag with jeans, which is the epitome of all things not formal. Well, let me tell you, formal bag with jeans is required when I wear jeans to work on a Friday but I would require a formal bag because I need to have all things work related. But on Saturday I can take a semi formal bag to work.

Except the conservative number of scenarios detailed above for the requirement of a bag we would require miscellaneous stuff like a wallet which is practical, a change purse, a small purse to go for grocery shopping, a wallet which needs to be kept inside the handbag, etc which do not form part of the matrix above. So unless we have one in each category which makes it a total of 95 we need to keep buying. It is common sense really!

And I think the men in my life should be happy that I don’t keep too much store on the color and usually buy the common ones of black, brown and white. Coming to think of it I do have one in red, one in green and one in violet too! So there!!!

I rest my case.

P.S. Hubby, you were right. We do need another cupboard.


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Tag along

Posted by Sowmya on June 30, 2009

Hi…found an interesting tag after a long time….courtesy this awesome blog.

So here goes –

A – Available?

Mom, Dad & bro… always.

B – Best friend

Hubby dearest…….such a cliche relationship we have…but its the best thing to have happened to me 🙂

C – Cake or Pie?

Hmmmm…tough one….Cake…No pie…..No Cake…….you get it

D – Drink of choice

In the morning -dikashan coffee without sugar, post lunch a boiling hot tea and a vodka sprite in the evening

E – Essential thing used everyday


F – Favourite color

Blue & Red

G – Gummi bears or worms

Neither………some more options please

H – Hometown

Mumbai….the one and only

I – Indulgence

Hand bags / purses, clothes, stationery (trust me it is an indulgence when you see my collection)

J – January or February

February……its my birthday! Also the climate is the best that time

K – Kids and names

Not yet……..but I know its going to be a looooooooong typical Iyengar name

L – Life

is strange……..when you yearn for something soooo much and then actually get it, it does not seem so important anymore.

M – Marriage date

November 22

N – Number of siblings

One and only bro……..a fantastic character. Never let him know though

O – Oranges or apples


P – Phobias

None really though I am the cause of many phobias for people around me…hehehe

Q – Quote

Unquote (Am I missing the point here?)

R – Reason to smile

When hubby wakes me up in the morning ….such a rarity nowadays (I have been waking up before him for all of 2 days including today)

S – Season

All of it……..life is fun all year round

T – Tag three people

I tag all the unsuspecting victims who read my blog…(insert evil grin)

U – Unknown fact about me

I blog

V – Vegetable you do not like


W – Worst habit

Never remember social niceties (Is it that bad??? 😦

X – x-rays you have had

None that I can remember

Y – Your favorite food

Anything I dont have to cook…..specially if hubby cooks for me…..Coming to think of it I love his fried maggi & aloo parathas

Z – Zodiac:


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Time to get all mathy!

Posted by Sowmya on March 28, 2008

Something interesting i found online……..

Over the weekend, I filled up my car’s fuel tank, and I thought fuel has become really expensive after the recent price hike. But then I compared it with other common liquids and did some quick calculations, and I felt a little better.
To know why, see the results below – you’ll be surprised at how outrageous some other prices are !
Diesel (regular) in Mumbai : Rs.36.08 per litre
Petrol (speed) in Mumbai : Rs.52 per litre
Coca Cola 330 ml can : Rs.20 = Rs.61 per litre
Dettol antiseptic 100 ml Rs.20 = Rs.200 per litre
Radiator coolant 500 ml Rs.160 = Rs.320 per litre
Pantene conditioner 400 ml Rs.165 = Rs.413 per litre
Medicinal mouthwash like Listerine 100 ml Rs.45 = Rs. 450 per litre
Red Bull 150 ml can : Rs.75 = Rs.500 per litre
Corex cough syrup 100 ml Rs.57 = Rs. 570 per litre
Evian water 500 ml Rs. 330 = Rs. 660 per litre Rs. 500 for a litre of WATER???!!!
And the buyers don’t even know the source (Evian spelled backwards is Naive.)
Kores whiteout 15 ml Rs. 15 = Rs. 1000 per litre
Cup of coffee at any decent business hotel 150 ml Rs. 175 = Rs. 1167 per litre
Old Spice after shave lotion 100 ml Rs. 175 = Rs. 1750 per litre
Pure almond oil 25 ml Rs. 68 = Rs. 2720 per litre
And this is the REAL KICKER…
HP deskjet colour ink cartridge 21 ml Rs.1900 = Rs. 90476 per litre!!!
Now you know why computer printers are so cheap ? So they have you hooked for the ink !.
So, the next time you’re at the pump, don’t curse our honorable Petroleum minister – just be glad your car doesn’t run on cough syrup, after shave, coffee, or God forbid, printer ink !