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Navratri 2009

Posted by Sowmya on September 26, 2009

After all those words of wisdom, its time to put them into deeds and show you my golu for this year. Due to various reasons, (irrelevant to the world at large), this time we settled for a very small simple golu and most people did not tire reminding us of that fact. Anyways, here it is. Look and judge for yourself –

We set up our golu all over the house. Starting with the entrance and the shoe rack (which are the first 2 pics) to the regular show case, crockery shelves and between our seating arangements also including lamps which add to the entire visual ambience (next 4 pics) and finally a small 3 padi golu which are in the last 3 snaps.

I love it don’t you?

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Auto drivers in Chennai heave a sigh of relief

Posted by Sowmya on July 21, 2009

   Auto drivers in Chennai are euphoric on hearing the big news. They are not able to believe their luck, say eye-witnesses. Their joy was palpable and there for all to see. Huge celebrations are being planned to celebrate the grand occasion. According to sources familiar with the agenda, the celebrations will start with breaking of a hundred and eight coconuts at the Santhana Srinivasa Temple at Mogappair. Mr. Palaniappan, President of the Auto Otara Manidha Sangam, confirmed this. “Yes, we have a lot to thank God for. I never thought I will live to see this day. Now I will not stop my son from joining my profession.

After the traditional beginning to the evening’s function, the auto drivers will proceed to the Anna Tower for a session of hooch followed by dinner. “I will not stop him today”, says Karuthamma Selva, whose husband drives an auto on the Mogappair to Nungambakkam route. “He deserves to celebrate today after all that he has gone through in the past one and half years.”

The chief guest of the evening will be Mr. Sri to whom we owe a lot”, says Mr. Arivuarasan, Secretary of the Auto Otara Manidha Sangam. “If not for him, God knows how much more we would have had to go through. Agrees Mr. Kupusamy who has been a regular victim of ‘You-know-who’ (as she is known in the Chennai auto circles). “I used to have nightmares and wake up screaming. Now I can have a restful night of sleep. May Sri saar live a long, happy and healthy life. We have decided to reduce our fares by 20% for a week. Now we don’t have to worry about anything”. His voice reduces to a whisper when he says, “Since ‘You-know-who’ now has a car, she will not harass us any longer. Long live Hyundai! Long live Sri saar!

It is indeed a joyous occassion for these men in black and yellow. And Chennai is back to being a peaceful and tranquil city it once was.

STOP PRESS: In a probably related incident, there is a sharp increase in the number of insurance policyholders. For more news watch this space.



Okie guys n gals, if you still did not get it the deal is that I bought my first car. Yippee !!!  Its an i10. My very own, bought with my hard earned money. Wish I could hug it everyday to sleep 🙂





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