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2009 -a recap

Posted by Sowmya:) on January 22, 2010

I have never been the one to do year end posts mostly because I never found much to write on my year. Most days passed in a blur and were too similar to the other. But this time, as I sit and think there are many things that have happened this year and some that I have done. Maybe it should be put to paper somewhere for posterity when I want to know where my life went and what I have been up to all my life?

This year started out great. I had moved to Mumbai last November since the recession shut down my office in Chennai. It was not the easiest of decisions to make. Sri in Chennai and me in Mumbai was not the happiest of things to happen but quitting a job at the depths of recession also did not seem like a smart thing to do. Sri was his usual supportive self and urged me to keep my job and some hopes of a career still alive. Armed with his reassurances and my in-laws unequivocal support, I set off to Mumbai in November. I was not in a celebratory mode last new year since I was not with Sri and suddenly things seemed incomplete without him. It felt strange and weird that I could live more than 27 years on my own and be perfectly happy but a year with this guy and nothing was the same again. But then, that is what a marriage is all about I guess. It struck twelve and I ushered in the New Year gaping at the television when suddenly the doorbell rang. Imagine my surprise when I found hubby dearest at the doorstep! It is an unforgettable moment, so unbelievably true. For a guy who does not believe in the frills of the relationship, this was a huge step to take.

Work had improved significantly since my return to Mumbai. I found I was learning new stuff daily and that due diligence was not as bad as I thought. Handling two assignments and two seniors was a task in itself but fun nevertheless. Arguing over every single issue and rethinking and redoing a job till it was perfect were pleasure and gave me a well earned sleep each night. Sri visited another couple of times and I visited Chennai too. I can tell you that long distance relationships totally suck especially if they are so early in the marriage before you have had time to settle down and get used to the other. 

I got a job in Chennai in May and I moved back in June. I was hoping that it would never happen, that I would never need to get back to the darned city but destiny had something else in store for me. I quit my job, left an almost promotion and some salary and came back to Chennai. On one hand it seemed like a crazy thing to do. I was giving spiels about having a career and not just any job and here I was quitting and maybe, in a way moving one step lower in the chain. But life did not seem worth it without Sri. Staying with him meant more than everything else and so I took the call to switch my job and get back to staying with Sri and making him pull his hair out in frustration J

So in June I joined my new company where there were about seventy people working but not one in my department. I was the first and only one and it was up to me to do something about it. It was a challenge along with the very different work environment. I had to get used to a lot of things which I had not heard of before. Chennai, and in particular my company, believes in a lot more formality and protocol. Coming from a place where everyone was on first name basis including the boss, it was initially very weird. Protocols again are not my strong point and I struggled in vain trying to follow it. Eventually I have managed to establish some kind of middle path with the people here whereby I can breathe comfortably and offend no one. That should count as one of the achievements for the year. Being new and starting a vertical by yourself meant many days of intense frustration of not doing anything, of trying and not succeeding and of trying to rid myself of the feeling of futility of it all. I missed my brainstorming sessions, my intense work pressures and the joys of trying to learn something new every day. I missed having people around who I could talk to about things that mattered and who understood what I was saying. Being one to think in English, conversations in Tamil were an effort. Yes, it is my mother tongue but I have not spoken in Tamil so often, especially outside the confines of home.

A huge responsibility then fell on our shoulders. We were building our own house. It started sometime in December last year when I was in Mumbai and so could not involve myself in it completely. But since I was back, I started getting a feel of it. It was driving everyone at home totally crazy. There was nothing on which Sri and me could agree on and if we did, by mistake, my in-laws did not like it. Life was at it chaotic worst. Or should I say best? Being involved at every stage of the house is a nerve racking experience and I would prefer buying a ready-made one any day.

In July, I made one of my bigger decisions and my biggest purchase as yet –I bought a car, a lovely new shining grey i10. Driving made some part of my life easier since I could do away with bargaining with the auto guys every day morning but it brought other complications with it. I now know why some people swear so much. They obviously drive around a lot in Chennai. This place is a driver’s worst nightmare coming true every minute he is behind the wheel.  Another challenge I overcome, not unscathed. My car has more than its fair share of bruises and beatings in these past six months. But a car gives you a feeling of freedom which you don’t get otherwise. I still plan to explore the city with my car. That is yet to happen as I only commute to work every day and catch the odd movie some weekends. An exploration, a long drive is definitely on the New Year agenda.

I made a very brief visit to Mumbai before Navratri when I helped mom set-up our annual golu. I, then finally met J and S, my closest friends who had been blessed with a pretty little girl in July. I became an aunt all over again. Seeing J with her little one was an overwhelming experience. It feels good to know there have been people with you since college about ten years ago and we are still there for each other.

Work was still erratic till October and my frustration levels were going up few notches every day. Add the house construction to the equation and there was complete incompleteness all around me. We had decided to forgo our annual vacation and I had nothing to look forward to in November and December.  Life seemed very boring and bleak. Every day was filled with making budgets and cutting costs and looking for increasing revenues.  In a bid to make life interesting I entered the NaNoWriMo contest in which I had to write a story of 50000 words in the month of November. To my utter astonishment, I completed it. I am someone who completes everything up to 90% and then quits. Somehow I do not finish anything fully. It is not something I am proud of but the truth it is. So the fact that I completed a story of 50000 words was a huge achievement for me. I hope to get the final draft out this year and who knows, maybe get it published J I finished the year with an awesome New Year party with some of Sri’s friends.

All in all, I can say 2009 has been a happening year in my life with its many twists and turns and roundabouts but overall a fun year.  Welcome 2010


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Tag along

Posted by Sowmya:) on June 30, 2009

Hi…found an interesting tag after a long time….courtesy this awesome blog.

So here goes –

A – Available?

Mom, Dad & bro… always.

B – Best friend

Hubby dearest…….such a cliche relationship we have…but its the best thing to have happened to me 🙂

C – Cake or Pie?

Hmmmm…tough one….Cake…No pie…..No Cake…….you get it

D – Drink of choice

In the morning -dikashan coffee without sugar, post lunch a boiling hot tea and a vodka sprite in the evening

E – Essential thing used everyday


F – Favourite color

Blue & Red

G – Gummi bears or worms

Neither………some more options please

H – Hometown

Mumbai….the one and only

I – Indulgence

Hand bags / purses, clothes, stationery (trust me it is an indulgence when you see my collection)

J – January or February

February……its my birthday! Also the climate is the best that time

K – Kids and names

Not yet……..but I know its going to be a looooooooong typical Iyengar name

L – Life

is strange……..when you yearn for something soooo much and then actually get it, it does not seem so important anymore.

M – Marriage date

November 22

N – Number of siblings

One and only bro……..a fantastic character. Never let him know though

O – Oranges or apples


P – Phobias

None really though I am the cause of many phobias for people around me…hehehe

Q – Quote

Unquote (Am I missing the point here?)

R – Reason to smile

When hubby wakes me up in the morning ….such a rarity nowadays (I have been waking up before him for all of 2 days including today)

S – Season

All of it……..life is fun all year round

T – Tag three people

I tag all the unsuspecting victims who read my blog…(insert evil grin)

U – Unknown fact about me

I blog

V – Vegetable you do not like


W – Worst habit

Never remember social niceties (Is it that bad??? 😦

X – x-rays you have had

None that I can remember

Y – Your favorite food

Anything I dont have to cook…..specially if hubby cooks for me…..Coming to think of it I love his fried maggi & aloo parathas

Z – Zodiac:


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Posted by Sowmya:) on December 15, 2008

My entry for Klash this week –

It is a universally unacknowledged fact that a single successful girl is always targeted. She stared in numb disbelief. Why? Why such humiliation for her time and again? Does her glamour quotient irk them or is it her stupendous financial accomplishments or maybe her never-say-die attitude?
This time she was more determined than ever. Every cell in her body was ready for whatever it takes. This would not diminish her buring desire for success. Shw would face the world with her chin up, ready for a new day and a new challenge. She will claim her righful position on top of this world. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting to you the Sleepless Beauty -Bombay

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A Wednesday in Mumbai

Posted by Sowmya:) on November 28, 2008

Isn’t it wierd? It happened on a Wednesday….to borrow a line from Neeraj Pandey. A battle, a war in Mumbai….something I never thought will happen in my lifetime. Its terrifying to say the least. And this is from a person who is up in north of Mumbai with no relatives / friends caught in the scene of terror. I can only imagine the terror, pain and heart wrenching feelings of all those unfortunate souls in Taj and other places. Are they unfortunate? Or are they victims of poor precautionary measures and organisational skills of the administration? How many chances do you want Mr. CM? What is happening to Mumbai and when will all of this stop? How long do we need to live in fear? Any noise puts panic in our hearts which are now permenantly located in our throat!

Why are we so inept in taking care of our country? This post may seem random but I am shocked, confused, scared, nervous to say the least. This venting is all I can do as I sit in my office waiting for news, any news, hopefully good news! The ‘thud’ of a file on the floor sets my heart racing. It may sound inconsequential now but I am unable to work. I sit in dread….expecting to hear a gun shot and hoping I don’t. I can feel the uncertainities of life. I feel it’s futile planning for tomorrow’s presentation or the next week’s deadline. Who knows? It could be my deadline! Are we doomed to live like this – awaiting a terrible ordeal and be a statistic in a massacare?

Praying is all the helps now or turthfully speaking, its all I can do now. I pray for me, my family, my friends, my acquaintances, innocent souls caught in the ordeal of the war, the people of Mumbai, of India and the world who are affected and harmed by terrorism! God bless us. Please do.

Give me courage to bravely board a train again. Give me courage to step into VT station again. Giev courage to the Taj to be restored to its full glory. Give the Mumbaikar the spirit so that he can chill with a beer at Leopolds. Aah! The spirit of Mumbai!!! Let us give the due credit to the spirit of Mumbai and be done with it. What does the ‘spirit of Mumbai’ mean? Does it mean we will take everything lying down and go on worrying about the daily chores? Does it mean that it can be used by the administration to ignore the needs of the city? Its like -‘they have the spirit; they don’t need any protection, any infrastructure, any security, any basic neccessities. They have the spirit – they will live and die like they never existed; running for the 8.49 local is all they are bothered about. And then? BLAST!

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Ooh la la!

Posted by Sowmya:) on November 10, 2008

It was a long term wish to have my caricature done. Sri thinks I lend myself beautifully to it. This was done at Sri’s office Annual Day function. Your opinions on the same are most welcome.


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