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Satisfaction of a list – WordPress Writing Prompt

Posted by Sowmya on April 16, 2014

Stuff I learnt from the movies

1. All teachers teach (a+b)^2 irrespective of which class they are teaching
2. If the hero’s father / mother/ friend dies in the movie, then the heroine will have a child of the same sex as that of the deceased to ensure that the child is given the same name.
3. All unwilling brides will try to run away or commit suicide on the day of the wedding….never before.
4. Bullets choose the extent of damage they do depending on who they hit. Heroes are never affected, hero’s brothers / friends are given time long enough for a farewell speech but villains die instantly
5. All court cases are won by the hero solely based on threatening / tricking the villain into confessing
6. All dejected and sacrificing heroes / heroines will have to leave the town for a new job on the exact same day as the wedding of their lost love.
7. Villains are smart and intelligent who come up with various ingenious ways to torment and trouble the hero or public at large whereas the hero’s answer to everything is to beat up the villain and his gang to pulp to solve all problems
8. If you are the best friend of the hero or heroine and you make the mistake of falling in love with their love interest, it will prove fatal for you. You have no choice but to take a stab or a bullet to save either of them and die in their arms after taking the heroine’s hand and giving it to the hero.
9. If the hero is poor, the hospital always demands an advance payment of the entire amount of surgery for his mother/father. If he is rich, he can pay later.
10. People who use ingenious ways to cheat the hero always make it a point to give him a dramatized explanation to help him get a clue or record the confession.
11. On breaking up with the hero, the heroines always go back to get married to the same guy who she dumped for the hero in the first place. Such guys never have qualms about getting back together with the heroine.

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That time of the year again

Posted by Sowmya on December 25, 2011

So it is that time of the year again when we all start making resolutions for the new year and lists of the old year. We see the same lists rehashed year after year and even the items on the kist are mostly the same. I did not want to do that. So here I am making the to ten list of lists which you will see across the print and electronic media in the next one week –

1. Best and worst actors / actresses (can safely assume vidya balan to top this one)
2. Best and worst movies ( both Ra.One and Dirty picture will figure….don’t ask me on which lists)
3. Best songs ( kolaveri and sadaa haq)
4. Best start-ups (people r yet to come out of the myth that there are only tech start-ups in the country)
5. World changing events ( Osama, Syria, Jobs)
6. Technology / inventions
7. Best or worst restaurants
8. Most downloaded apps
9. Promising / budding personalities for the next year
10.Sports champions
11. Best Sachin Tendulkar performances

What other lists do you read???

Happy New Year 🙂 Cheers!!!

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