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Top 5 Vague justifications

Posted by Sowmya on May 2, 2014

We all get free advice and some of us dole them out too in scoops and dollops. I don’t have so much problem with the advice as I have to the reasoning or justification behind it. If you can give me some reasonable explanation I will listen to you. I may not act according to your advice but I will understand where you are coming from and I may be able to formulate a thought as to why that would work for you but not for me. Or I would accept it if it does work for me. But vague justifications are most irritating. Some of the most popular ones are –

1. It’s good for you.
What does that even mean? Is being good for me not a basic consideration and all options which are not good for me automatically rejected? All options that are to be considered have to be good for me. It’s a given. That cannot be the be all and end all of your advice. Not happening.

2. It’s good for health
That one is as vague as vague can get. Good for health? Do you mean it is good for my eyes or stamina or energy? Maybe liver, lungs, heart? Don’t you think that is one important piece of information you need to provide? If I have a good heart condition with no problems whatsoever, then don’t I have the choice to reject some yucky albeit edible stuff?

3. It’s good for the baby
That is one freaky piece of advice. You come at the most vulnerable time for a woman and scare the hell out of her, with best intentions of course. Then you proceed to tell her some mumbo jumbo with the damning suffix -“It’s good for the baby”. Not fair. Not fair at all.

4. You will thank me in 25 years
Agreed, I plan to live a long and healthy life. But, you are telling me that I may realize the benefit of today’s action only after 25 years? Honestly, does it make sense at all? And no, giving an example of a mother taking care of her child’s health is not done. Think something more original.

5. I have seen life / I have more experience
Sure you have. But do you realize how much the world has changed in the last five years? Do you think either of us know how it will be even 2 years hence? Your experiences may or may not have relevance in today’s scene then how can I take that as a basis to decide my tomorrow? Seriously, think about it.

And a bonus one inspired by my cousin-
6. We never asked our parents and did as we were told
Sure! That would have resulted in obedient children but not much of progress. We can not move ahead and discover and invent new things if we keep listening to the past. Good reason?

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Decisions, decisions – WordPress writing prompts

Posted by Sowmya on April 13, 2014

A bit of a backlog already, but here goes today’s writing prompt- it’s about how I make decisions. Is it by carefully weighing in the pros and cons or more like a gut feel thing.

I have always believed that I probably belong to the minority which does not have a head versus heart conflict. I don’t know how. When I am faced with the need to make a decision, I always know what I want to do or what needs to be done. My head and heart collaborate and give me one decision. I know clearly when I follow my head and when my heart and I know why. I like to think I weigh all aspects of the consequences of my decisions and then take a call. But mostly it is done in an instant and maybe that is gut or my brain works that fast. Could be both. I read somewhere that a study was conducted and proved that though we think we take logical decisions after weighing in all aspects, in reality we take a decision and then think of ways to justify it. That could be true…..what else could be the reason for so many irrational decisions by seemingly smart people?

So there, my decisions are instant and surprisingly I have not regretted most of them. So I am going to go with it till everything is going well for me. So far so good…….

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