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Posted by Sowmya:) on August 28, 2009

Hi guys

Please read this & support them.  Such a ridiculous thing don’t you think?

To all members – An appeal for your personal opinions & Support

My name is Partha and I manage the oktatabyebye.com website, in fact have, for the last 2 years. A very strange time is upon us, and it is on that matter that I’m writing this appeal for your support.

Very recently, TATA Sons filed a case against us (oktatabyebye.com) for infringement of their name (as our domain name contains the ‘TATA’ word!). And in a decision by a sole panelist, ownership of the domain OkTataByeBye.com has been awarded to TATA Sons by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) Arbitration & Mediation Centre.

Needless to say we’re alarmed by such claims on our domain name. The Oktatabyebye.com domain name is importantly a representative of the colloquial ‘OK Ta Ta Bye Bye’ phrase, which represents travel & journey related activities, referring to the generic word ‘Ta Ta’. We all regularly use the term for travel & goodbyes in our country, and across many others.

Would you say it is bizarre, that a word as generic in use as ‘Ta Ta’ used in our domain name could infringe a copyright and cause confusion? Or that oktatabyebye.com, in bad intention, or otherwise, seeks to cause confusion with TATA Sons, for its own gains?

OkTataByeBye.com is a legitimate business, built into a credible site for travel lovers, with your contributions. So, we will appeal in the Delhi High Courts within the next ten days.

Please help preserve rights of the Okatatabyebye.com domain name.


People, please do click here to register your support. As far as I can see, the term ‘ok tata bye bye’ is typical of saying goodbye when you leave. I have been using this phrase since childhood  and knew it long before I was introduced to the greatness of the Tata family / companies. Is it not alarming that such a legendary company such as the Tatas would do something like this?


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