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NaBloPoMo – Day 14

Posted by Sowmya on May 15, 2014

What makes you eat something unhealthy?

One is laziness, which i detailed in the yesterday’s post. The other reason I eat something unhealthy is when I go out with friends or any special event at home. These are few and far between and hence I don’t think they make much of a difference with regard to my health.
Nowadays I have started trying to reduce the unhealthy portion of my meal by having healthy stuff even when I go out with family or friends. I definitely have a soup and sometimes a salad. This reduces my appetite for the unhealthy stuff like paneer and nan. Though I love both these items, eating them for dinner is not at all healthy. I try to go out for lunch instead of dinner so that the food can be digested and the energy expended on the same day. Such days see a very light dinner or sometimes no dinner just some fruits.
All these help

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NaBloPoMo -Day 2

Posted by Sowmya on May 2, 2014

Friday, May 2, 2014
Tell us how you wish you ate if it’s different from your day-to-day reality.

I do have a wonderful plan of how I should eat everyday. But that is yet to get real.

I would like to eat healthy which means ‘breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper’. My breakfast should be elaborate and varied, not to mention tasty. I would like 2-3 types of bread, some fruits, orange juice, butter, cheese, or marmalade. On other days, I would like bread and omelette, coffee and fruits. Maybe some aloo paratha with curds.

Lunch should be a soup, salad or raita, roti, vegetable, dal and curds. It could also be a good nutritious sandwich which has 2-3 layers of vegetables, chutney and cheese or paneer. It should be toasted or grilled to perfection.

Dinner should be just a soup and curds with some sprouts or salad. Light dinner followed by a glass of milk mixed with turmeric for a good night’s sleep.

All this food talk is making me sooo hungry. I just had dinner and so these thoughts should not enter my mind at all.

God! I could do with a sandwich 🙂

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