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100 Happy Days

Posted by Sowmya on April 2, 2014

I saw this movie Julie & Julia and got totally inspired! I figured I too needed a project, something I could start and see it to the end. Similar to Julie, I have left off many things half done and not proud about it.

Around the same time, I found this site -100happydays.com

All one has to do is post a picture about what made you happy everyday for 100 days. There are quite a few reasons that it is a silly idea. But I am doing it for 2 reasons –

1. Like I said, I need to start and complete something. Anything

2. I need to find things that make me happy. Motherhood is pretty all consuming and you tend to get lost somewhere down the lane thinking about you through your child’s eyes. So I thought to find out what makes me happy and do it.

Have posted 15 photos on my FB profile. Good beginnings….fingers crossed.

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Check this out…..

Posted by Sowmya on June 14, 2008

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