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NaBloPoMo – Day 6

Posted by Sowmya on May 6, 2014

Have you ever invented your own recipe? Tell us about it (or your favourite one).

That is definitely on my bucket list. I really want to come up with some dish which is healthy, tasty and easy to make. A tall order I know. But reach for the stars….
Most of my favorite recipes are easy to make and tasty to boot. Lately I have taken up baking and my favorite recipe happens to be the banana bread/cake. Though most recipes call it banana bread, it feels more like a cake / muffin. My present attempt is to make it to a real bread. I have tried altering the existing recipes I read but have had limited success. Most recipes make it too sweet or maybe the bananas I use are very sweet. I need to figure out a savory bread with banana, which used the sweetness of the banana and the flour and salt and gives me a yummy banana bread, in the true sense. Once I figure it out, i will report that in this section. Wish me luck 🙂

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Bullet point feelings on Starbucks coming in India

Posted by Sowmya on October 22, 2012

Yes! Starbucks is in India finally and in Mumbai particularly. Aren’t we all excited? Mr. Schultz was on all the news channels all weekend with Mr.Tata and expressed hope and joy for this new chapter in our brew history.

  • On one side, I am excited. I have always enjoyed the Starbucks experience, the few times I had a chance to.
  • Though my head tells me that it is just a cafe, there is something very cozy and comfortable about a Starbucks that I have not found in other mass scale cafes.
  • I hate few things more than instant coffee ( and that is saying a lot). Most coffee experiences outside home have been an endurance test of the worst kind.
  • But Starbucks gave me a wonderful ‘Chai Tea Latte’ which reminds you of the masala tea back home. That’s another reason I like Starbucks
  • Had I been in Mumbai, I would surely not have been one of those to rush to it on opening day. The crowd defeats the entire purpose of going to a cafe.
  • But I am surprised at the extreme emotions it seems to have generated.
  • One one hand, are the people who actually stood close to an hour for a cup of coffee.
  • And on the other, are those who are decrying these people because they are blindly following all things American.
  • I am finding it hard to be on either side.
  • I would rather go to a relatively quiet cafe (preferably the single brand, stand alone, hole in wall ones) but I can surely understand those who went to Horniman Circle last weekend.
  • It is an exciting event especially when SB respects the Indian palette to introduce ‘Elaichi mava cake’.
  • And lets face it, the snacks at CCD suck! Totally!
  • I would go to SB for the cakes even if not for the coffee

Come soon to Bangalore!!!

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