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Posted by Sowmya on August 15, 2011

My entry for the August Klash –


“I so need a break –A break from it all.

When will I have a vacation? I want a day when I don’t have to do any work, when someone pampers me and takes all the decisions for me. Everyone I know tells me their troubles. They all look up to me to solve their problems and make their life easier. Few invite me during good times to partake their success and triumphs but most blame me for their trials and disappointments. Why do people depend on me? Why don’t I have a destiny, a pre-determined course of action chartered out by someone else? Why don’t I have someone to pass the baton to?”

After his forty winks, the Almighty resumed taking care of the world again!

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Posted by Sowmya on July 18, 2011

My post for the July Klash


Goodbye bills and nasty ills

I will never worry about you again

Goodbye seconds and leftover chicken

Now I can feed the entire nation


Goodbye heat and unfulfilled treats

I will now have silk under my feet

Goodbye buses and crowded trains

And to all the daily pains


No more waiting in line or trembling for favors benign

I will just click and snap to get a solitaire fine

No more nine to five seven days a week

Luck, laughter and lust will make the day mine


I will gladly say ‘I do’

What if he is fifty-two

He has three houses and cars few

Not to mention the swimming pool blue


So I have compromised

Few years for the wealth desired

I am happy and signing

Here is to new beginnings



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Posted by Sowmya on February 20, 2011

My take on Melody for the February Klash

It was show time. Strumming his guitar Johnson tried to stop her invading his thoughts –her face, that heartbreaking smile, mischief dancing in her eyes, her laughter ringing in his ears and their harmonious lovemaking. He tried to focus on the song as he heard his partner tune the piano. The next song was her favorite and had to be perfect. The last time he played it had earned him a mind numbing kiss. He wanted to block out the pain, the sorrow, the heartbreak and concentrate on his guitar. As the song faded out, a gentleman approached him. “You were amazing. This is my fiancé’s favorite. You must play at our wedding. What do you think Melody?

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Posted by Sowmya on January 11, 2011

My entry for January Klash

Not bridges but will statues build

Declared the lady from the red-lighted car

Forget roads & education

Concentrate on design & formation


Madam, please understand

Wringed an assistant in vain

People want progress and action

Not a finger pointing politician


People do not remember deeds

Masterpieces like these they will come to see

Remember to carve the handbag right, she declared

As she placed a rupee in the begging hands


But spending thousand crores on statues

When millions are going hungry

Madam, will people forgive

Such blatant travesty


Memories are short lived

Structures last longer

Future generations will know our creation

Said the lady looking for immortality in an ephemeral world



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Posted by Sowmya on November 17, 2010

My take for the November Klash

Shveta’s earliest memories included the knot at the end of her mother’s saree which was used for securing a coin when she offered a prayer. “You should increase it to five bucks now ma”, Shveta would say when she was nine. “God would also be hit by inflation”. Her mother would smile and continue with her habit.

“Can you not understand? If God listened to everyone with just a rupee no one would ever be miserable”, Shveta would cry in all her teenage angst but never got her mother to stop.

Now as she sat next to her frail mother, Shveta tied up a rupee coin in a knot of yellow cloth and prayed like she had never prayed before.

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